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Saku Official


We consists of creators, close-knit but some might say we are a little nuts. We love the idea of simplicity; pocket sized. Hence the name SAKU in Indonesian it literally means pocket.

It starts with simple ideas. Then we develop the ideas into products at our headquarter Bekasi, Indonesia. We make beautiful products from quality materials. Because we believe the most important way to win our customers heart is by providing top quality products.

The Story

Saku official is inspired by the innovation and imagination from one of the wallet industry market leaders in The Netherland.
Our first launched products; Saku Mini Wallets were the result of market frustration. At the time we couldn’t find quality Anti RFID Mini Wallets that fits to our standard but also affordable in Indonesia.

So we decided to make our own by working closely with people who share the same value like ours. So that our Indonesian fellows can also take pleasure in the innovation.

Saku Official is determined to offer high-quality products and genuine customer service, we value innovation and our goal is building sustainable business that care about our people and its impact on our environment.

The Process

We would like to think that we are different than the rest of the market because we pay extra love and attention to what we do best; listening and providing quality products and services to our customers.

It all started from selecting materials, designs and choosing the right people to do the jobs.


It is important to us that all of our products are done correctly to our standards and all of our products go thru strict quality checking but sometimes human error may happen from time to time therefore we provide a one year warranty to all of our products so that our customers have the peace of mind.


For those who have brilliant ideas and skills and think that we can collaborate, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us.   J

The Process

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